Individual Health Insurance

Every family is unique. And every family’s health needs are unique. At Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., we understand that and, in turn, proudly partner with several top health insurance carriers. By doing so, we are able to compare policies and prices to build an individual health insurance portfolio tailored to fit your lifestyle.

Individual Health Insurance Policies

Our in-house health insurance specialists know how to craft a policy tailored to your specific needs. No matter where you are located within the United States, our agency can supply you with individual health insurance quotes for the following health care policies:

  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Optical insurance
  • Disability coverage

Health Insurance for College Students

College students often face a gap in insurance coverage while in school because the policy their parents carry may end coverage before they graduate or they do not find a job right after graduation. At Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., we suggest purchasing a short-term health care plan. Short-term insurance covers an individual for a period anywhere between 30 days to one year.

Short-term health care is not just for students. If you are starting a new job, employed in temporary or seasonable work, or are between jobs, a short-term health care policy will provide you with the coverage needed until something more permanent becomes available.

Long-Term Care and Annuities

Living on fixed incomes, most seniors can’t afford to pay unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. At Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., we offer affordable policies to fill those gaps in order to provide the most complete coverage possible, including Long-Term Care Coverage for protection against extensive medical costs and Annuities for additional retirement income.

  • Medicare Part D for prescription drug coverage
  • Medicare Supplement and Medigap Coverage for copays and deductibles.
  • Long-Term Care Coverage for extra protection against extensive medical costs.
  • Annuities for additional retirement income.

Contact Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. to Discuss Your Individual Health Insurance Needs

Because we are licensed in more than 40 states, we can assist clients located throughout the country. Reach out to our insurance protection team today by contacting us online or calling 800-541-9849 to request your free insurance review and free quote.