Oil and Gas Insurance Coverage

Two of the most important aspects any oil and gas company must consider are energy insurance and risk management. Do you know where to start when it comes to these topics? Have you had a professional assess your business risks and your own personal risk tolerance? If not, it is imperative you speak with an insurance protection agent at Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. as soon as possible.

Our agents will quickly identify gaps in coverage or determine if you’re carrying excess insurance. We will discuss your business goals and day-to-day operations to determine what your oil and gas insurance package should include.

Covering All of Your Oil and Gas Company Insurance Needs

When it comes to creating a business insurance portfolio that addresses potential risks and losses, reach out to our knowledgeable team of agents to ensure you are including all necessary parts, including:

  • General liability to protect against excessive costs of injury lawsuits and medical bills.
  • Commercial auto to ensure financial protection in the event of an accident involving a company car, truck or other motorized vehicle.
  • Workers compensation to protect you if an employee is hurt on the job or becomes sick due to work-related circumstances.
  • Property coverage for protection in case operational wells run dry.
  • Equipment protection to cover costs of any lost or damaged drills, wells and other specialty equipment.
  • Cargo insurance to protect equipment and tools in transit.
  • Umbrella/excess liability to provide additional coverage once original liability limits are met.
  • Life and health insurance, along with other employee benefits needed to hire and maintain a strong workforce.
  • Risk management to avoid future losses.

When working in an industry with a higher potential for injury to others, it is imperative you align with an agency that will assess your business’s risks to identify how you can avoid or manage losses. At Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., we offer our clients a complete risk analysis, as well as 24 hour claims reporting and support.

Contact Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. to Discuss Your Oil and Gas Insurance Needs

Because we are licensed in more than 40 states, we can assist energy-related business clients located throughout the country. Reach out to our insurance protection team today by contacting us online or calling 800-541-9849 to request your free insurance review and free quote.