Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Activity Insurance Coverage

Avid fishermen and big game hunters are constantly on the lookout for hunting locations offering one-of-a-kind outdoor experiences. As a business owner specializing in outdoor activities, are you properly covered in the event of injury to a guest or a loss of your property caused by fire or theft?

With independent agent and experienced hunter Holmes Williams by your side, your business will receive a thorough risk assessment and ongoing customer support. We will find the right fishing guide insurance, hunting lodge policy, or lease land liability insurance policy to best meet your needs and budget.

At Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., we strive to limit your risk as a business owner, shelter your game and protect your assets. From outfitters and guides who own hunting lodges or guide services to ranch owners who raise big game deer or exotic bucks expressly for hunting, we will ensure you are adequately covered for complete protection.

We provide a variety of business portfolios that fit the needs of any outdoor-related business, including:

  • Hiking and fishing outfitters
  • Hunting and fishing guide services
  • Hunting lodges and ranches
  • Shooting ranges
  • Sporting and private clubs
  • Camps and tours

Addressing Your Various Insurance Needs

From equine insurance to protect your guide horses to animal mortality coverage to protect the animal assets on your ranches, we can provide insurance coverage that will protect you and your business from serious financial loss:

  • Auto liability to cover legal and medical costs associated with injuries sustained in accidents with your commercial vehicles.
  • Employment practices liability to protect your financial well-being in the event of a claim for unlawful employment actions.
  • General liability to protect you in the event of physical, slanderous or libelous injury to another, as well as medical payments for bodily injury.
  • Property coverage to provide reimbursement for damages caused to the buildings and equipment on your land.
  • Umbrella coverage to offer extra liability protection once your initial policy limits are met.
  • Workers compensation to provide you and your employees with protection in the event an employee obtains a work-related illness or is injured while on the job.

We also offer a variety of employee benefits services, including group health and life plans.

Contact Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. to Discuss Your Outdoor Insurance Needs

Because we are licensed in more than 40 states, we can assist outdoor activity-related businesses located throughout the country. Reach out to our insurance protection team today by contacting us online or calling 800-541-9849 to request your free insurance review and free quote.