Farm and Ranch Insurance Coverage

From cattle ranches to farms to crop land, America is home to agricultural operations of all sizes and types. Each operation requires insurance coverage tailored specially to protect against financial hardship and loss. At Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., we provide farmers and ranchers located throughout the country with the right individualized coverage at the right price.

Risk Assessment and Management Through Insurance Coverage

As a farmer, the success of your operation may be threatened by forces outside of your control, such as drought and pests. To protect yourself and your business, purchasing business insurance from a company that understands your unique risks and needs is crucial. Our independent agents will create insurance portfolios highlighting a variety of farm or ranch insurance policies, including:

  • Property insurance to protect buildings, including barns, grain driers, storage sheds and silos.
  • Homestead insurance to protect your home site, farmhouse or other living quarters on your farm or ranch
  • Equine Insurance to protect horse owners, competitors, riding clubs, trainers and breeders against losses from equine mortality, horse theft, loss of use, colic, injury in transit, and liability. Contact Allison Silvas to learn more.
  • Business auto insurance to protect tractors, mowers, combines, 18-wheelers, trucks and other commercial automobiles.
  • Equipment insurance to cover equipment such as tack, blades, seed drills and sprayers.
  • Inland marine to cover crops, livestock and other items that are transported for sale or delivery.
  • Price insurance (Crop Revenue Coverage) for protection when the futures prices did not lead to actual price at market.
  • Workers compensation in case an employee is hurt on the job or becomes sick due to the work environment.
  • General liability to protect against financial distress caused by injury lawsuits and medical bills.
  • Employee benefits such as group health and life plans to help you build and maintain a strong workforce.

Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. is proud to partner with Traditions Insurance Services, Inc. to provide your farm or ranch with the right crop insurance at the right price. We insure all crops, including cotton, corn, grain sorghum, rice and wheat.

Protecting America’s Farmers and Ranchers

Unlike a homeowner’s policy, a Farm & Ranch policy is designed to cover business conducted on the premises. There are a variety of farming and ranching business opportunities available, including:

  • Cattle operations (registered and commercial)
  • Dairy operations
  • Beekeeping (Apiaries)
  • Commercial fish operations
  • Wild game preserves (breeding and hunting)

And we insure them all.

Nursery and Crop Insurance for All Farmers and Ranchers

Traditions Insurance Services logoAt Texas Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. we know your crops are your livelihood. To provide our clients with the best service and protection for all crop risk management needs, we are proud to partner with Traditions Insurance Services, Inc. Through this partnership, we guarantee you will receive assistance in developing a responsible protection program, a competitively priced proposal, and fair and prompt settlement on all claims. Be prepared in case of severe weather or declining prices in crop prices. Contact us today to insure your nursery, farm or ranch.

Contact Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. to Discuss Your Farm and Ranch Insurance Needs

Because we are licensed in more than 40 states, we can assist farming and ranching businesses located throughout the country. Reach out to our insurance protection team today by contacting us online or calling 800-541-9849 to request your free insurance review and free quote.