Local and National Beekeepers Insurance Services

You feel the vibrations of the hum of the colony. You hear individual bees buzzing by your ears. And yet you stay calm and alert as you approach the beehive for an inspection. You are a beekeeper, through and through.

At Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., we know beekeepers and beekeeping insurance. Our insurance protection team, headed by Al Ford, has led the charge in protecting small to large-scale beekeeping operations for many years.

We’ll Help You Find the Right Commercial Insurance Package

As a beekeeper, are you confident you are doing everything possible to protect your hives and colonies? Do you have the right financial protection in place should disaster strike your farm or ranch?

At Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., we insure a variety of bee-related businesses, including sellers of beeswax products such as soap and candles; honey producers; and suppliers of propolis products such as tinctures and lozenges. Regardless of your product or focus, we will tie your beekeepers insurance policies into one commercial insurance portfolio that addresses the various risks you face during the course of business. This portfolio may include:

  • Commercial property insurance to cover losses to your buildings, contents and stock owned by your business, especially in the event of fire, theft and vandalism.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance to cover you if an accident involving one of your company vehicles occurs.
  • Directors and officers (D&O) insurance to protect your Board of Directors from personal liability.
  • General liability insurance to protect your finances from lawsuits stemming from injuries caused by you or your employees, and to cover costs for bodily injury, property damage, personal/advertising injury and medical payments (up to the limits of your policy).
  • Group health insurance and other benefits, including group life and retirement plans, to help hire and maintain a quality workforce.
  • Product liability insurance to provide protection against lawsuits stemming from injuries caused by products you release to the market.
  • Umbrella insurance to better protect your business and personal finances in the event of a liability lawsuit that exhausts your basic liability policies.

We Understand the Unique Needs of Your Beekeeping Business

In addition to general commercial insurance, we will identify other areas for risk of loss and recommend additional coverage to best protect your bottom line. Additional insurance options include:

  • Bee box transportation: Larger operations that have multi-location or multi-state operations need separate coverage for bee box transportation.
  • Drought insurance: Apiculture insurance, or drought insurance, to protect against serious financial loss in the event of a drought.
  • Hives and related equipment: Floater/contractor equipment, including beehives, can “float” from location to location, thus requiring its own special coverage.
  • Honey and other stock/content: Beekeepers stock/content coverage includes honey and other items and property that are fixed in one location.

Whether you are a hobbyist with “bee fever” or a professional beekeeper, you can rest assured that Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. will be here to protect your bee business.

Nursery and Crop Insurance for All Farmers and Ranchers

At Texas Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. we know your crops are your livelihood. To provide our clients with the best service and protection for all crop risk management needs, we are proud to partner with Traditions Insurance Services, Inc. Through this partnership, we guarantee you will receive assistance in developing a responsible protection program, a competitively priced proposal, and fair and prompt settlement on all claims. Be prepared in case of severe weather or declining prices in crop prices. Contact us today to insure your nursery, farm or ranch.

Contact Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. to Discuss Your Beekeeping Insurance Needs

Because we are licensed in more than 40 states, we can assist beekeeping operations located throughout the country. Reach out to our insurance protection team today by contacting us online or calling 800-541-9849 to request your free insurance review and free quote.