November 2014 E-News: Hunter Safety and Gun Insurance, Thanksgiving Safety Tips, Agency Happenings, and More!

Hunter Safety and Gun Insurance:

Reduce Your Risk This Season

As hunting season approaches, it is a good idea to refresh your knowledge of a few fundamental hunting safety rules. It is also never a bad time to be sure that you have the right amount of insurance coverage for your hunting firearms in case of a loss or an accident.

Hunter Safety Basics

The most common cause of accidents and injuries among hunters include:

  • Falling from tree stands;
  • Incorrect identification of a target; and
  • Self-inflicted injuries.

These basic hunter safety rules will reduce risk of injury or accidents:

  • Keep the barrel of your gun pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  • Treat every firearm as if it is loaded.
  • Be sure of your target and what is in front of it and behind it.
  • Keep your finger off of the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  • Wear a blaze orange cap or vest.
  • Use a small flashlight during dim light conditions to identify yourself as a human being.
  • Follow all fundamental firearm safety rules at all times.

To avoid falls and injuries when using a tree stand, remember to:

  • Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Inspect your tree stand prior to each use.
  • Always wear a fall restraint when you are climbing, sitting or descending from an elevated position.
  • Pull your gun or bow up with a rope. Firearms should be unloaded, with the action open and the safety on.

Don’t forget to be respectful of wildlife, the land, and other people in the area.

  • Respect the landowner of the property that you are hunting on.
  • Show respect to other hunters and non-hunters in the area.
  • Respect wildlife and their habitats by not leaving behind trash or debris.
  • Follow all state laws and regulations.
  • Use equipment that is appropriate for the game that you are hunting, and be sure that you are properly trained and proficient with using it.

Hunting Rifles Are Covered Under Your Homeowners Insurance, But Be Aware of Limitations

Hunting rifles and other firearms are covered under homeowners insurance (like other personal property) for loss, theft or damage. A standard homeowners policy typically provides up to $2,500 in coverage for lost, damaged or stolen firearms.

Most homeowners policies refer to covered perils (causes of loss), such as fire or theft. Some policies cover all perils except ones specifically excluded, while other policies cover only the perils named in the policy—leaving you without coverage for many ways in which you lose your gun. Most insurance companies offer additional coverage, or a scheduled personal property rider, for firearms. With this type of rider you gain additional coverage for covered perils that are not covered under the basic homeowners policy.

We Are Here for You 

Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. is your trusted advocate. As an independent insurance agency, TXINS represents a wide network of A-rated insurance companies, which allows us to find the best insurance policy to fit your needs and budget. We don’t believe in cookie cutter policies and will customize a plan specifically for you. Your overall satisfaction is our top priority. That’s a promise.

TXINS offers complimentary insurance reviews to ensure you are getting the right coverage for yourself, your family, or your business. To schedule your review, contact us today at 800-541-9849 or via email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Meet the TXINS Team

Jeff Copeland

While new to the insurance biz, Jeff Copeland brings a wealth of knowledge in hunting, fishing, ranch management, and farm & ranch real estate to the TXINS team. Jeff has been an outdoor writer for more than 20 years and has been involved with real estate in South Texas and the Texas Hill Country since 2006. Jeff is driven to provide his customers the right coverage to meet their specific situation.

We are thrilled to have Jeff Copeland as a member of the TXINS family! To learn more about him, click here.

What’s Happening at TXINS?

The staff of TXINS are active members in our communities. Here’s a quick list of what we’ve been up to as well as what we have planned for the month.

  • Even insurance folks need a chance to relax, so we all gathered at the Rodd home on Saturday, October 18 for food, fellowship and football watching! We had a great time spending time with one another outside of the office. Thanks to Coby and Sandie for hosting us!
  • The Georgetown office participated in the 20th Annual Halloween in the Park on Thursday, October 23. TXINS sponsored the Movie in the Park portion of the event. Thanks to help from Dina, Cassidy, Lindsey, Kara and Marcie – we were a huge success! A pocket scavenger hunt, dance party, and free popcorn were a few of the fun things we did!
  • The Fort Bend Horse Task Force hosted a Stock Horse of Texas event on Oct. 24 and 25 in the O.D Tucker rodeo arena at the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds. Allison Silvas from our Needville office was there representing TXINS. We hope you were able to visit with her and find out more about the equine insurance we offer.
  • The Crop Department will be traveling to Van Zandt County on November 4 for a meeting to discuss the Pasture Drought policies.
  • “Bee” watching for Cassidy and Bebo at the Crown Plaza in Houston for the Texas Beekeepers Association Annual Convention on November 7-9. They will be on hand to promote our beekeeping insurance products and services. Stop by to get the latest buzz!
  • Open enrollment for the Affordable Health Care Act begins November 15. Come by the El Campo office and visit with Coby, Lori, or Norma to have all of your questions answered and to sign up. No appointment necessary.
  • The 2015 TXINS calendars are arriving this month! Watch our Facebook page to find out when and where you can get yours. Hurry…they go fast!
  • All agency locations will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 27-28 for the Thanksgiving holiday. We send our warmest wishes for a blessed Holiday weekend to you and your family. As always, we are thankful for your continued business with TXINS.
Marcie, Kara, Lindsey, Cassidy and Dina at the 20th Annual Halloween in the Park in Georgetown. We had a great time sponsoring Movie in the Park and meeting so many fantastic Georgetown families!

Did You Know?

– On November 6, 1869, the first intercollegiate football game was played in the United States between Rutgers and Princeton. Rutgers won 6-4.

– November 11 is Veteran’s Day. Remember to thank a veteran for all they’ve done to help protect our rights and freedoms.

– The third Thursday of November is the Great American Smokeout. Smokers are encouraged to stop smoking on this day. By quitting, smokers will be taking an important step towards a healthier life. Need help to quit? Check out the American Cancer Society’s website.

– November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month. Whether you’re a creamy or chunky fan, peanut butter is a staple in many American families. Here’s a delicious recipe for Peanut Butter Pie you can share at your Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving Safety Tips

This Thanksgiving, more than 13 million Americans will travel to spend the holiday with friends and family, leaving their homes empty. Follow these tips to ensure your family’s safety this holiday season.

– Don’t post your Thanksgiving travel plans on your social media feeds.

– Turn your telephone ringer down so no one outside can hear repeated rings. Review your answering machine message to make sure it does not suggest that you aren’t home.

– Never leave a key hidden outside. Burglars know all the best hiding places.

– Secure all windows and reduce the chance of easy entry by cutting tree limbs away from second-story windows.

– Have a friend move your car occasionally if it is parked in the driveway.

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