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Is Permanent Life Insurance Right for You?

Permanent life insurance provides coverage for your lifetime. There are several types of permanent life insurance, designed to meet different long term financial planning goals. Whether those goals include retirement planning, creating a financial safety net for your family in case something happens to you, donating money to charities or managing your estate, there is a life insurance plan that can be customized to your needs.

What Is Permanent Life Insurance?
Permanent life insurance provides a way to secure yourself financially in the long-term while also providing insurance protection for your family. This form of life insurance has several important features that are not found in term life insurance.

The main difference between term life and permanent insurance is that term insurance only pays death benefits to your beneficiaries, while permanent life insurance pays out death benefits and accumulates cash value which will continue to build up over the life of the policy.

There are other attractive features of a permanent life insurance policy as well. For example:

  • It can offer life insurance coverage up to age 100.
  • It can be a vehicle for estate planning, trusts, or business planning.
  • It provides a tax deferred cash value accumulation plan.
  • You can choose locked premiums (whole life), or adjustable premiums (universal life) for the life of the policy.
  • You can borrow against a percentage of the accumulated cash value as needed.

Permanent life insurance policies can meet several different financial planning objectives:

  • Provide for long term life insurance needs
  • Provide your family with replacement income when the primary income earner passes away
  • Cover your mortgage, debts, and funeral expenses
  • Enhance other retirement planning investment strategies
  • Assist with estate and legacy planning
  • Provide cash flow to cover expenses in retirement

Types of Permanent Life Insurance
There are several types of permanent life insurance, but the two most common policy types offer the most options. These are:

  • Whole life insurance
  • Universal life insurance

These life insurance plans have some common features, but there are also some significant differences.

Features of Whole Life Insurance
The main features of whole life insurance include:

  • Tax deferred death benefits
  • Level premiums for the life of the policy
  • Cash value accumulation

Features of Universal Life Insurance
The main features of universal life insurance include:

  • Tax deferred death benefits
  • Flexibility to customize your coverage
  • Options for ways to tailor your premiums
How to Compare Permanent Life Insurance
Permanent life insurance may be the right choice for you if you are looking for the long term planning features these policies offer. To get help assessing your life insurance needs from an unbiased professional, give us a call today. We will help you review affordable permanent life coverage from several different insurance companies.

We Are Here for You 

Texas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. is your trusted advocate. As an independent insurance agency, TXINS represents a wide network of A-rated insurance companies, which allows us to find the best insurance policy to fit your needs and budget. We don’t believe in cookie cutter policies and will customize a plan specifically for you. Your overall satisfaction is our top priority. That’s a promise.

TXINS offers complimentary insurance reviews to ensure you are getting the right coverage for yourself, your family, or your business. To schedule your review, contact us today at 800-541-9849 or via email. Together, we will ensure you are protecting what matters most.

Meet the TXINS Team
Allison Silvas

Allison Silvas has a long list of wonderful attributes. She truly cares about her clients and they trust her to do what’s best for them. She goes out of her way to be helpful and is supportive of her fellow co-workers. She is known for giving great advice and being trustworthy. Allison’s dedication to providing the best service mirrors her dedication to TXINS. She is an asset to our team and we are grateful to have her on our team.
To learn more about Allison, please click here.

The employees of TXINS are active members in our communities. Here’s a quick list of what we’ve been up to as well as what we have planned for the month.

  • The staff participated in an agency-wide flu shot campaign in an effort to promote good health.
  • Agent Tommy Hitzfeld will be retiring from the agency this month. We wish him the very best and thank him for the many years of service he gave TXINS!
  • Our offices will be closed on November 26-27 for the Thanksgiving holiday. We wish all of our family and friends a very happy Thanksgiving!
  • Congrats to our October Texas Pride Trivia Contest winners: Cay K. Scheumack, Larry Staha, and Wayne Allen. Don’t miss your chance to win a Texas flag…check out the trivia question below!

All three offices honored Breast Cancer Awareness month and fellow TXINS co-worker and breast cancer survivor Nancy Novosad Pfeil by wearing pink
on Friday Oct. 9.

Don’t Create a Disaster with Your Deep Fried Turkey

Every fourth Thursday in November we gather around the table with friends and family to celebrate our many blessings. And no Thanksgiving meal would be complete without the turkey. An increasingly popular way to cook turkey is to deep fry it. While delicious, this cooking method can be extremely risky. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that each year, deep fryer fires are responsible for an average of five deaths, 60 injuries, the destruction of 900 homes, and more than $15 million in property damage. Texas leads the country in the number of most grease- and cooking-related insurance claims on Thanksgiving Day.

This is why it is extremely important to deep fry turkeys outside, away from buildings and materials that can burn. Keep animals and children away from the fryer so they don’t get burned and don’t accidentally knock the fryer over. Many turkey frying accidents happen when too much cooking oil is used and spills over the pot, catching fire when the turkey is dropped in. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says that most turkey frying accidents occur while the oil is being heated, prior to even adding the turkey. This means we must be extra vigilant when heating the oil, and turn off the fryer immediately if any smoke appears.

Here are some safety tips from the CPSC for making your own delicious deep fried Thanksgiving turkey:

  • Never leave a fryer unattended.
  • Place fryer in an open area away from all walls, fences, or other structures.
  • Never use your fryer in, on, or under a garage, breezeway, carport, porch, or any structure that can catch fire.
  • Completely thaw (USDA says 24 hours for every 4 to 5 pounds) and dry turkey before cooking. Partially frozen and/or wet turkeys can produce excessive hot oil splatter when added to the oil.
  • Center the pot over the burner on the cooker.
  • Raise and lower food slowly to reduce splatter and avoid burns.
  • Cover bare skin when adding or removing food.
  • Check the oil temperature frequently.
  • If oil begins to smoke, immediately turn gas supply off.
  • If a fire occurs, immediately call 911. Do not attempt to extinguish fire with water.

To make sure your home is properly protected this Thanksgiving, contact your TXINS agent today to review your homeowners policy. Gobble Gobble!

My husband surprised me with a trip to Europe for our 10 year anniversary. I know I need to get travel insurance but wonder what it actually protects against. What do I need to know to be safe while we travel?  – Samantha K., Ennis, TX

Dear Samantha:

Wow! What a wonderful surprise! Since you’ll be traveling overseas, having the right travel insurance is a must. Here’s a quick breakdown of the basics:

The main categories of insurance protection are:
• Trip cancellation
• Medical expenses
• Accidental death and accidents
• Specialty coverage

Without the right protection, your dream vacation can become a major ordeal if you aren’t prepared. Review your existing credit card, hotel, and transportation provider cancellation policies. If their schedules, exclusions, and conditions are insufficient, a travel insurance policy can provide you with much needed peace of mind should circumstances interrupt your plans.

Trip Cancellation
Trip Cancellation coverage protects you in the event you have to cancel, interrupt, or delay your trip. Typical reasons covered by a trip protection policy include delays due to sudden illness or injury and weather-related issues. The insurance benefit is usually the difference between the cost of the tickets and the amount refunded by any vendors.

Medical Expenses
If you experience an emergency, acute illness, or need routine medical care during your trip, Medical Expenses coverage comes in quite handy. Depending upon the policy, the insurance may provide short-term coverage, long-term care, or medical transportation and repatriation services. Many regular medical insurance policies do not cover treatment overseas.

Accidental Death and Accidents
These policies are designed to provide benefits to a traveler’s surviving beneficiaries in the event of a fatal accident, dismemberment, or other serious injury.

Specialty Coverage
These policy riders are designed to cover you if you participate in high-risk extreme sports or similar activities during your trip. There are also policies designed specifically for those traveling aboard a cruise ship. Designed to fill gaps in general coverage policies, these specialty products may provide better coverage than a regular package plan.
Be sure to call our office soon to schedule a time to get your policy in order. We hope you have a fantastic time on your vacation! Be sure to take lots of pictures!


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You Learn Something New Every Day
– November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. If you’re looking for a new furry friend to make your family complete, consider adopting a senior pet. Older animals are often passed over for younger animals but senior pets have so much to offer! Find your perfect senior pet using Petfinder.com.

– The ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.

– The Hawaiian alphabet only has 12 letters.

– November 20 is National Peanut Butter Fudge Day. Peanut butter lovers and fudge lovers unite on this  day to celebrate indulgence and deliciousness! Try this easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge recipe and let us know how it turns out!

Save Money by Installing Programmable Thermostats
With the holidays approaching, expenses begin to mount quickly. Cut down on your electricity bill by installing a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats help regulate the temperature in your home more effectively and efficiently. By setting it to heat or cool your home at certain times, you can ensure that your utilities aren’t being wasted while you’re at work or asleep – and save money in the process. There are many different models on the market. Check out Amazon.com or your local hardware store to find the best option for your home.

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