Health Reform: Information for Employers

This year, employers have really started to dig into the new health reform requirements so they can start bringing their group plans up to speed. For business owners who haven’t started preparing for the changes, it is important to understand why.

If you are feeling a little lost and unsure of what steps your company needs to take to get back into compliance with new health care legislation, you are not alone. Life and health insurance agent Coby Rod has spent a great deal of time learning about the reforms and other upcoming changes in the industry. In his Health Reform Legislation Summary document , Coby has created an easy-to-understand recap of some of the most significant changes that employers will face. In this document, you will find information pertaining to:

• Timelines of when certain changes must take place

• Introductory analysis about plan design changes

• Explanations about subsidies and fees

Cody has been in the industry for his whole career, and has been tracking the changes to the health care system for several years. Contact our Texas agency to talk to Coby about your employee benefits needs. Or, leave a comment below letting us know about the biggest benefits challenges you see your company facing over the next few months and year.

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